Quickly determine a price range for your standard size new or resurfaced deck or schedule a time to speak to a deck expert about your custom deck. For general deck inquiries you can email us here.

Deck Estimate

Standard vs Custom

Please select Standard Deck if you want a quick estimate. If your project does not meet the criteria for a standard deck, please select Custom Deck to schedule a free phone consultation so we can better understand your project and give you a more accurate quote.

Standard Deck (New or Resurfaced)

  • Less than 400 sq ft

  • Straight sides only

  • Single level with stairs

  • 10 ft or less from the ground

Custom Deck

  • Larger sizes available

  • Ability to do curved sides

  • Can have multiple levels

  • Covered decks

Deck Materials

At Better Builders we want to give our customers a space that they can enjoy without the hassle of maintenance, which is why we exclusively build Composite and PVC decks.

Why Composite/PVC vs Wood?

  • Warranties: Composites and PVC’s come with a 25 - 50 year warranty depending on the product line, while wood has no warranty.

  • Durability: Composites and PVC's do not crack, split, or shrink. In addition, they are resistant to rot, mold, and insects.

  • Low Maintenance: Unlike traditional wood decks, composite decking does not require staining or sealing.

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Project Location

Deck Structure

If you would like to use your current deck structure, we have the ability to replace the decking, railing, and stairs as long the frame is in good condition.

Build a New Deck

Redeck Existing Deck Frame

Deck Framing Material

Triple-coated steel has a 25-year warranty and ensures your deck surface will remain flat over time, but it costs 30-35% more than treated wood.

Stair Framing Material

Deck Size

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Please tell us how many stairs your deck will have and also let us know if they will require a landing at deck level.

How many steps will your stairs have?*
Will there be a 4'x4' stair landing level with the deck?*

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